How to get to San Paolo stadium

For some years i didn't go to San Paolo stadium to watch the Napoli soccer game . Went there last sunday, i was pleasantly surprised see tourists in line to get into stadium.

Here you can find my tips to go to the stadium:

starting from the B&B walk down via Bracco to piazza Carità, then walk through Pignasecca market until piazza Montesanto Ferrovia Cumana station (850mt.). Now buy, inside the station, two tickets (one to go, one to come back) per person for the Mostra train stop. Getting on the first floor you'll see 4 platform, usually the first two, starting from left, are dedicated to the trains with stadium direction. Anyway, you'll never go wrong, immerse yourself into supporters flow, they'll escort you to the right train! Get out of the train after three stops at Mostra station, you'll get just out of the stadium.

To come back you have to do the opposite trip getting the train with Montesanto direction, then get out the train at terminus.

Good match and come on Napoli !!!